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Sat on the Rocks


My name is Jean Marie Penel. I am among the many who ponder about questions which have occupied the mind of great thinkers of the past and present.

From a young age I have always looked for answers to many existential questions such as:
Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Where are we going?
My endless search has lead me to study and be part of many religious and spiritual organizations. I have studied in several schools of mystery and have been affiliated with several Templar organizations. In my journey, I had the privilege to visit many countries and learn about different traditions around the world. I have traveled to Africa, Europe, South and North America. During those voyages, I was exposed to the wisdom and teaching of many masters, in the process, I discovered Gnosticism. I have served as a priest in the Holy Trinity Church for the past twenty two years.

During my quest for answers, my life was transformed. I was humbled by the wisdom that transcends all barriers of religion and cultures. I have learned there is one intelligence that created all that exist regardless of the name we attribute to that superior intelligence. I had the privilege to experience the understanding and meaning of this too often overlooked bible verse where it is stated that "God created man in his image and his likeness." Genesis 3:27. I was also profoundly shaken by the revelation of the I AM, with all His powers and attributes. The book of Exodus in the Hebrew bible mentioned a conversation between God and Moses which has changed my understanding of the relationship between man and his creator. The potential to transform the world is within that exchange between man and God. Outside the boundaries of religion, I have spent many years studying and exploring.

I have extensively studied the teaching of the master Jesus and was lead to discover that the very essence of it transcended all barriers of religions. It has revealed many universal laws that have been in existence since the beginning of creation. I was amazed to realize the actuality of those laws in term of their application and influence in our everyday lives. Those of us who have access to them can use them to take control of their destiny, to transform and change their lives for the better.

I have spent many years teaching from middle school to the university. I have earned a master degree in science of education. I have study the Latin language for six years and Greek for the two years. I fluently speak and write three languages: French, English and Creole. I also have extensive knowledge of Spanish. Any of the above accomplishments have prepared me to dedicate my life to serving others. I have always had a natural and innate inclination to reach out to others in ways that have changed their lives. I never understood why as a child, people were drawn to me for the different type of help needed in their lives. Mysteriously, I always lead them to the solutions of their problems. I have become very passionate about this un-explainable gift that has touched the lives of many throughout my journey in this present incarnation. Through my seminars, workshops, conferences and teachings many fellow human beings have changed their lives for the better. They have shared their success stories about attracting happiness, money, healing and better relationships. I was inspired to extend my services to millions who want to take control of their destiny.

Yours Truly,

Jean Marie Penel

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